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Online Consulting

Online Consulting
Our consultants are accessible online for your convenience.   If you have budget constraints or do not have the resources for routine visits but need a a professional opinion, consultants are available to meet with you and your staff.   Examples might be your facility has an urgent need and requires immediate assistance, resident behavioral review, unusual occurrence, documentation questions, system review, teaching/mentoring to a specific circumstance or event, or your facility is in a rural area and it is cost prohibitive to have an onsite visit.

Online SSD/AD Orientation
Have a new SSD?  First time in long-term care?  Was certified twenty years ago and needs a refresher?  Our consultants can provide a thorough orientation online.  We have educational and functional tools that create a path to success for your new SSD and your facility.


Online Inservice Training
E-mail brooke@brookerusso.com for more information!