Historic Tour De France Victory For Wiggins

The cyclist carried out the 3,479km race by getting a three minute and 21 second lead over runner up, Team Sky team mate and guy Briton Chris Froome, wholesale jerseys bash 20th and last stage.

Wiggins, dressed in the leader’s yellow jersey, Safely completed the 120km journey from Rambouillet to Paris which is historically a processional ride ending in a mass sprint on the Champs Elysees.

“At the end there we had a job to do and we were on a mission from when we hit the Champs Elysees to finish the job off with Cav (point Cavendish) And what a way to accomplish,

mentioned becoming the first Briton to win the event, he was quoted saying: “I got to start becoming familiar with that which is strange. rrt’s going to take a while. It’s pursuit complete,

Wiggins waved to fans as he increased on to the podium.

After apologising for chatting in English, He told the crowd: “I just wanted to say thank you for all the support all the way around.

“It’s been a magical two weeks for the team and for British cycling. Some dreams can be realized, and today my old mother over there, Her son’s won the Tour de people from france,

Before leaving for Paris, He said he had yet to realise the full meaning of his first triumph.

“I could not have imagined it, this can be an dream, Wiggins explained. “It’s a weird experiencing,

The pm said Wiggins’ victory was an “Immense feat of mental and physical ability,

“I’m like everyone in the country absolutely delighted, steve Cameron told Sky News.

“Bradley Wiggins has scaled one of the kids jerseys wholesale great heights of British sporting achieving success, To be the first person in 109 years to win the Tour de France is an immense feat of mental and physical ability and aptitude and I think the whole country wants to say well done, Brilliant the ideal backdrop and start to Wholesale Jerseys the Olympics,

The PM said the win would have a big impact on British morale ahead of the Olympics.

“I think it will put the particular in the right mood. There is going to be an incredible festival of sport that let us see over the next few weeks,

The man who until now was Britain’s best known cyclist, Four times Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy, Had described the prospect of Wiggins winning the Tour as “as good as anything any British athlete has ever done,

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