Brooke Russo, MSW & Associates, LLC has been providing social service and activities consultation for the state of California for over a decade. The operating philosophy of this organization is to strive to improve quality of life for the residents and raise the standard of the nursing home experience by driving person-centered care and de-institutionalizing facilities. The common goal is to ensure the residents are receiving appropriate psychosocial interventions. Our philosophy is to help facilities understand how to move away from a formulaic day-to-day operation (i.e. we tell residents when to eat, bathe, sleep, etc.) to a person appropriate plan of care.

The consultants work with the SSDs and ADs as mentors. The goal is for your SSD and AD to share the same knowledge base as the consultants who provide service. The consultants are constantly striving to improve the skill set of each of these disciplines
though education, tools, and consistent follow up.

The consultant will set a precedent at the end of each visit so the SSD and A.D. have an understanding of required protocol to ensure compliance.

Staff Training: the consultants are able to provide inservice training on the following:

  • Abuse reporting , prevention
  • Abuse investigation and documentation
  • Documentation workshops
  • How to write a person centered careplan
  • Psychotropic management
  • Understanding difficult behaviors
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Dementia
  • Resident rights
  • Sensitivity
  • Death and dying
  • End of life processes
  • Psychosocial needs of the elderly
  • Resident to resident altercations
  • Therapeutic value of activities
  • Adaptations
  • Understanding the psychosocial aspects of pain


This company has partnered with various long-term care companies to provide all day workshops for regional level quarterly meetings as well as on a national level. Our group also strives to work within an organization’s budget and can strategize with the vice president of operations or vice president of clinical services to determine how to enhance the quality of each department while working within fiscal budgets.The report provided is in an easy to follow format to reflect department systems that have improved, maintained, or need enhancement. These reports can also be easily assuaged into performance evaluations for the administrator.

A typical visit includes an entrance and exit conference with the administrator, director of nurses and SSD or A.D. During this process the consultant will determine if there are existing focus areas and assimilate a list of high profile residents to review from a risk management perspective. The exit conference will also identify other focus areas observed during the visit and establish a plan to correct it or review interventions implemented during the visit.

For the past year, the focus has been on educating all staff on the new Activity Guidelines and how both Social Services and Activities can achieve compliance.

Consultant visits incorporate a seamless integration into the Interdisciplinary Tearm (IDT) functions and work with the entire team to promote an efficacious process. Many of the weekly meetings facilities require are evaluated to ensure productivity vs. paper compliance. The goal is to ensure each IDT member has more time on the floor with the residents vs. being behind closed doors with a slew of medical records.

We want work to be fun and recognize that everyone has an importance piece in this process. We are respectful of the time demands on each discipline, constant interruptions and work within the unpredictability of a typical day. Our consultants are independent and able to maximize their visits by accessing needed information when required without unnecessarily burdening the department head for more of their time.

Our goal is to ensure the records reflect actual resident behaviors. Too often charts are vague and do not reflect the level of complexity actually occurring and the amount of time staff actually spends with the residents. For example, you may have a resident who is chronically dissatisfied with care and placement in your facility but the actual record indicates “easily angered”. Our consultants provide education and techniques to help capture an accurate picture of the resident.

Another of our primary functions is to observe for accurate and objective documentation. Too often, many facilities have a tendency to generate subjective descriptions of residents, especially the more challenging ones, and we provide tools to staff to achieve a more objective perspective of the resident.Behavior management is an area in which this group is quite experienced and we actively teach each SSD, AD and the entire staff how to understand why behaviors occur and how to identify person appropriate interventions.

Our success has been achieved through working with the Interdisciplinary Team and providing an all staff training. As a result of this process, the psychotropic use in the facility has also decreased.

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