SSD Certification Courses

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There are two options for the SSD Certification Course:

  1. Independent Study: work at your own pace listening to pre-recorded classes.   You’ll have up to three months to complete. 
  2. Live online classes are offered every January and meet on Monday evenings from 6-9pm for ten weeks. 
      • Understand the role of the SSD as defined in F745
      • Effectively interview residents to complete psychosocial assessments
      • Identify the required interview techniques for the MDS 3.0
      • Identify the residents’ needs: psychosocial, financial, discharge planning, home health care
      • Understand the SSD role with psychotropics
      • Understand the RAI process: MDS (intro to 3.0), CAAs, Careplans with SMART goals
      • Facilitate IDT meetings: psychotropics, weights, physical restraints, falls, care conferences
      • Coordinate and execute safe discharge planning
      • Recognize the differences in needs between the frail elderly, chronically ill, cognitively impaired, dual-diagnosed, chronically mentally ill, and indigent
      • Understand required concepts of documentation 
      • Understand possible causal factors of resident behaviors and identify non-drug interventions
      • Learn basics to Positive Physical Approach to dementia management 


Reliable access to the internet with  computer microphone.


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To ensure a space in the class, please register as soon as possible.  
Payment in full is due upon registration.  Cost is $550.